Programs: Reading Improves Foreign Language!

Reading Improves Foreign Language!
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    Today a reader - tomorrow a leader! Literacy is the basic cornerstone of learning. In the Santa Fe Public Schools, third grade reading proficiency is 54%. Many of our students struggle to read and write--the basics that make life-long learners--and we must help them improve their skills. Over 50% of students who graduate from Santa Fe Public Schools require remedial English classes. These projects are designed to help foster a love of reading and writing as well as provide access to books and enriching learning opportunities.

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What if I told you about a new, fancy technique for learning a second language that would help students gain an average of 15 months of language learning in only a 9 month school year? What if it only took 10-15 minutes, two to three times a week? What if it only cost an average of $21 per student? Would you be interested?  Now, what if that technique was not new or fancy at all, but the oldest, simplest technique ever. Reading. Fun books, interesting books, that students want to read and enjoy.